How we work

Planning and Design

We design the end product with direction from you and with artistic input from us. If you are unsure about exactly what you need, we will work through options and ideas until this becomes clear. A clear shedule will be built.


Preperation has to be complete and everything needs to be together at the right time and place, and then we are set up for a successful shoot. Relaxed, calm and with a well defined end goal.


Post shoot, the photographs are retouched, they are refined and perfected to your specifications.


Photographs are prepared to the resolution and sizes you request and are typically delivered electronically. Images can be provided on CD/DVD or in print on request


We can help you with ideas to express what you want to say. Just get in touch to talk.

Problem Solvers

Got something that you don’t know how to approach? Call and we can discuss it, we love solving problems.

Client Support

We can work with you and your graphic designer as a team. We will be here to provide the help and assistance to ensure success.